Tuesday, 16 August 2016

August 16th, 2016

Lets share some light moments with you... :)

Lets share some light moments with you... :)

Indian army was shooting at everyone with a Pakistani flag... so the Kashmiri youth found an innovative solution -- they painted the "Gao Mata" with Pak flag..... !! lolzz. Now Indian army is in a crisis... to kill the Mom or not... :)))

Well, Boss asked him to get a quote of Quaid for Pak day banner... He did.... :))) lolzz

Indian CM of occupied Kashmir tried to hoist the flag on Indian Independence day... but Kashmiri sympathisers within Indian army had a trick up their sleeve.... to the epic humiliation of India... the flag fell to the ground while a horrified Indian army and CM watched.... :)) lolz


Read these my tweets on extension of General Raheel and the games Govt is trying to play.... !


Read these my tweets on extension of General Raheel and the games Govt is trying to play.... ! A fierce battle is being fought between the patriots and the rascals to control the destiny of Pakistan. These are dangerous critical times.. Last phases of a long deadly war where enemy is wounded and brutal, supported by the traitors within...

Khair inshAllah !!

@ZaidZamanHamid: There is NO doubt that entire Political elite is afraid of one one man -- General Raheel ! Govt want him gone, Nation want him to stay!

@ZaidZamanHamid: The Nation & entire rank & file of armed forces want Gen Raheel to continue to lead the war in the hear of this crisis. So, whats the soln?

@ZaidZamanHamid : NS govt is desperately trying to bribe Gen Raheel by offering him a toothless, powerless ceremonial post of a Field Martial ! He wont accept

@ZaidZamanHamid : If the Govt is serious in retaining Gen Raheel, then he can be promoted to FM with full powers of COAS for next 3 years! otherwise NO...

@ZaidZamanHamid: I know for sure that Pakistani nation, Pakistan State & the war we are fighting would be most adversely affected if Gen Raheel leaves now...

@ZaidZamanHamid: Every enemy of the State, every terrorist gang, every political rascal is waiting for Gen Raheel to retire! All patriots want him to stay..

@ZaidZamanHamid: It is about trust, faith & confidence which the dear General Raheel has given to the nation. Nation feels secured with him leading the army!

@ZaidZamanHamid : There is NO doubt that all senior Generals are top quality material BUT the nation does not know them! The Mush/Kayani experience is bitter!

@ZaidZamanHamid: Genl Raheel has earned this trust through sheer hard work, earning the love & respect of the nation. Nation is nervous to experiment again..

@ZaidZamanHamid: Nawaz knows that army & the nation loves General Raheel. NS is afraid to let him go too BUT want to make him toothless first. Wont happen...

@ZaidZamanHamid : General Raheel must complete the mission he has started before he leaves else he would betray the trust of this desperate nation in war...

@ZaidZamanHamid: Simple, If the dear General does not want to take extension, then he must hang all the Terrorists & Corrupt within the next 3 months...


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