Saturday, 4 June 2016

June 3rd, 2016

Every person MUST have a technical skill..... don't just rely on your degrees.

Dear Children and members, let me give you an advice...

Learn skills, keep hobbies, arm yourself with knowledge to make new crafts and handicrafts... ! Your formal education can get you degrees but knowing and learning skills from hand is not just hugely entertaining it is incredibly precious knowledge also. There is huge sense of satisfaction in creating a piece of art with your own hands.

All Prophets, all Ulama, all learned men of the past even Kings knew some form of hand crafts. Daud (as) was a iron maker. Issa (as) was a Carpenter. King Sulaiman of Ottomons was a skilled jewelry maker. Aurangzeb alamgir used to knit caps and was a skilled Quran writer, Tipu Sultan was a mechanical engineer...

There can be hundreds of hobbies and skills which you can learn yourself or through a teacher or school. My wife makes wire Jewelry which she learnt from internet videos. Glass, metal and Wood have infinite hobbies within them. You can be a skilled Gardner and plant specialist or keep animals, pets and birds or bees. You can learn the art of gun making or bows and arrows or paper flowers or knit wool sweater. Driver of Quaid e Azam used to knit sweater while he waited in the car :)

Every person MUST have a technical skill..... dont just rely on your degrees.

May Allah give you barakah and khair... !

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