Wednesday, 25 May 2016

May 25th, 2016

He is the most loved leader in the country today, loved in the army, respected by the nation, hated by politicians!

He is a genuine true leader & a Mujahid to the core... ! MashAllah, nation is blessed to have him as our Sipah Salaar at this most dangerous moment in our history. He is loved by the army, adored by the patriots and rightly so.. ! While the entire political leadership is monkeying around in London in times of war, he is the only one fighting this war to defend you and your families.. !

I will not go into too much of a detail but have faith... Allah has sent us this Sipah Salaar for a reason.. InshAllah khair.. ! dont panic.. many thing are being done in the background which cannot be exposed now.

Today, Sipah Salaar has taken the Americans to the task also. He means every word he said..No One in the govt had the guts to talk to the Americans but Sipah Salaar did. you will see the strategy of Pak army in the coming day..

InshAllah, Sipah Salaar will not leave without completing the mission.

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