Saturday, 21 May 2016

May 21st, 2016

If this Pakistan is the secret of Allah, this army is the secret of Pakistan" !!

These men walk towards their deaths with such calm and passion that it is actually surreal and seems unreal...

I met a Wali Allah Baba few days back..! He said to me "do you know that in the book of Allah, this Pak army is very precious and most beloved in all the armies of the world. Allah will take duty from this army... just wait for some time.. "

I totally believe that Baba and agree to this amazing destiny of Ghazwa e Hind... !

my advice to beyghairat munafiqs would be "NEVER disrespect and insult this sacred army, just because your limited intellect and sealed hearts do not know the secrets of Allah. If this Pakistan is the secret of Allah, this army is the secret of Pakistan" !!

Very soon, you will see the destiny unfold...

BrassTacks is thrilled to announce launch of our new book - rendition of Iqbal's poetry into English by Owais Ghani.


Alhamdolillah, we announce launch of another epic book on English rendition of Baba Iqbal's cllasics Shikwa, Jawab e Shikwa, Dunya e Islam, Khizr e Rah, Masjid e Qartaba....

This project is now complete and open for sponsorship ! Anyone of you who wish to get this epic published can email me directly at

project cost is Rs: 2,50,000/- Two lacs fifty thousand.

InshAllah, the full book will uploaded here FREE on the sacred night of 15th Shaban, tomorrow.

After "where hunting eagles dare" this is another great contribution of Owais Ahmad Ghani sb and a stunning English rendition of Iqbal Baba's greatest poems. No such work exist in english on Baba Iqbal and this is a special gift for English speaking Muslims.

Alhamdolillah, BrassTacks team says shukar on being blessed to take up and complete this amazing emotional Jihad.

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