Friday, 8 April 2016

April 8th, 2016

#PanamaLeaks have confirmed that international finance is a huge cesspool of filth run by Banksters as crime Mafias.

Under the Economic Terrorism of huge Banks -- Every Bank in the world does money laundering, transfer black funds, finance terrorism & support corruption. So, offshore banking is legal in their fraud banking system in the world for this very reason -- entire western financial system is fraud and economic terrorism.

But when they want to destroy the economies of their target enemy countries or selected governments or selected useful idiots who are disposables (like Nawaz Shareef and Zardari), the CIA/Mossad expose the financial corruption of these rulers.. and governments and then use this info to create anarchy -- another axis of the 5th Generation War !

It is not just Nawaz or Zardari who are corrupt or have offshore accounts. Every major corporation and powerful individual in the world have these accounts BUT Nawaz Shareef and Zardari types are useful disposable diapers who are destroyed when they have no further use or when that helps CIA to create more anarchy in the country.

These leaks are a controlled attacks and a demolition job of enemy countries and selected economies and selected individuals who are not needed anymore.

For more details on these financial frauds read my tweets :

There is NO doubt that NS and this political gang is corrupt to the core. They need to go.. BUT we should also know that entire western banking system is also corrupt to the core and are real economic terrorists. There is NOTHING moral or ethical about Banks and Banksters...

Lets face the reality -- Pakistan's experiment with democracy has been a haunting nightmare. PPP, PML(N), JUI, JI, PTI, MQM are dangerous...

These are just a few weapons which have been recovered from a furniture factory run by MQM in Karachi..

Entire MQM leadership is traitor... ! Each one is a RAW agent, involved in bloody war against Pakistan and deserve death sentence...

PPP and Zardari have robbed this country bone dry...

Nawaz Shareef and family have bled this nation dry... also they work for RAW...

ANP, JUI, JI are biggest rascals to the core... supporting RAW or Khawarij at various levels..

PTI want to open TTP offices in Peshawar... so dumb and idiots they are.... dangerous actually..

All these political parties need to be banned, their leaders arrested..

Pakistan does NOT need democracy... ! It is time for a Techno govt which radically change the system for a Presidential Model without any political parties.. and overhaul the system totally... Only army can do this... !

Lets demand from army that they should arrest all politicians and do a ruthless accountability....

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