Monday, 7 December 2015

December 7th, 2015

San Bernadino shooting in US --- CIA did a poor job here and we have caught them red handed... !

San Bernadino shooting in US is being blamed on Pakistani couple and pressure is being brought up against Pakistan. Here we bust the myth of this false flag operation.

Both Tashfeen and her husband were handcuffed, sitting in their car when Police killed them...! They were already under arrest and were NOT shooting anyone.

Witnesses say that the shooters were wearing masks !So, no one knows who did the shooting but it is blamed on a Pakistani couple, which was brought there by Police, sitting handcuffed in car and then killed... in a fake "police Muqabla" !

How can anyone fight back with automatic guns, bombs, grenades and pistols if he is handcuffed behind his back????

Check the ID card shown by CNN. It is clearly a fake photoshoped job. The comparison with a real NADRA card is clear. Nadra does not use the font shown on Tashfeen card. Also check how the date is written..

If they want to attack Iraq, they create lies of WMD's.

If they want to attack Pakistan, they have to create such lies that Pakistanis are involved in exporting terror. Argue with the Pakistan haters with logic and the info we have given you. Fight back on social media to defend Pakistan. CIA did a poor job here and we have caught them red handed... !

More details on US shooting: You can be sure that this is a false flag to blame Muslims and Pakistanis.

More details on US shooting: You can be sure that this is a false flag to blame Muslims and Pakistanis.


Eyewitness Sally Abdelmageed told CNN:

"[it was] three men, dressed in all black, military attire with vests on holding assault rifles... I couldn’t see a face, he had a black hat on and uh, from my view all I could see was a black hat and long sleeve shirt… black cargo pants with zippers on the sides, big puffy pockets, he had a huge assault rifle and extra ammo… I just saw three dressed exactly the same…. their skin tone looked white. They looked like they were athletic build. They appeared to be tall."

Yet four hours later, the police shot: two Pakistanis, one a 90 pound woman with a young baby, California residents in a rented black SUV with Utah plates, the military style assault rifles purchased by an unknown person.

Farook attended the same holiday party last year. Since then, his coworkers threw a baby shower for him that included a registry.

His brother, who lived nearby, was in the Navy and earned two medals for his service in "The Global War on Terrorism." His brother said the couple wasn't radical.

At the party this time, Farook was sitting at a table chatting with a co-worker before "disappearing" -- with his coat still on his chair. They now say there was no argument.

When shot in the SUV, his tiny wife, an alleged ISIS follower, was wearing fitted shorts above her knees and no head covering.

They are portrayed as Bonnie and Clyde with a young baby. They had a fully stocked fridge with cooked food in Tupperware and pictures of their baby all over the house.

Arranged flowers on tables and freshly watered house plants. Baby was left with her grandmother for Tashfeen to make a doctor appointment.

That's why, at this point, it doesn't make sense.

A young mom left her baby to go kill the same people who hosted her baby shower. She allegedly made a FB post pledging allegiance to ISIS on an alias page, then removed it -- at 11 am.
The shooting started at 11 am.

The shooters left before police arrived. Police and media then said they were searching for 3 white males.

Then police shot these two, who fit no stated description, around 3 pm, after receiving a tip. The story changed from 3 male shooters to a married couple.

The ammo, pipe bombs, etc., were found in their townhouse's garage. The garage was in a building separate from their home. It was not connected in any way. A few minor items in the house. And a manhole in their closet ceiling.

And no one who knew them, including their many siblings and mother who lived with them and Navy brother who lived close by, saw anything strange.

Neighbor said they were happy. Smiled at her. Farook would leave the garage door open as he worked on his car. Last saw them hanging out on their patio on Sunday with their daughter, enjoying their family.

Journalists entered their house today to rummage through their belongings. An unprecedented event. Any more evidence for or against this deceased couple, now unusable.

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