Thursday, 31 December 2015

December 31st, 2015

New year... You are not born to be wasted my children..


Dear Children,

while we defend our Ummah & Millat, it is also our duty to do your tarbiat & teach you adab of living this life.

Today, I am very sad.. Heard a news that a young man shot and wounded a girl who had refused to marry him and then committed suicide !! Astaghfurullah ! what a loss in Dunya and Akhira !! A moment of anger and rage and a humiliation & punishment for all times to come..

Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) had warned us that in the end time, Children will be filled with rage and anger ! We see this everyday around ourselves, in our homes, schools, offices...

For Allah's sake, control your anger. Control your tone & words ! All fitnahs start from your tongue ! Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) has given bisharat of Jannah to those who keep their tongues and private parts in control !

If you are single, respect your elders, parents, teachers.. If you are married, also respect your spouse! Talking back to elders and to spouses break homes.. Shaitan will provoke you to shout and scream BUT you MUST control. Recite Durud shareef when anger fills up in you. DO NOT throw things, break glasses or use your hands to hurt anyone in your anger/rage. Dont let shaitan take over you. He will make you do things in anger which you would regret forever...

Raised voices in anger are instruments of shaitan to create fitnah...

Momin is dignified in happiness and sorrow. He never raise his voice in anger or in rage or even in happiness except to praise Allah (swt).

If you do not get what you want, do sabr.

If you get what you want, do shukar.

Remain dignified always..

When you buy good things for yourself or indulge in luxuries, do sadaqa always.. ! Remember those who dont have what you have.. share what Allah has given you and NEVER take Allah's gifts for granted... He has given and He can take it away without notice ! Never be casual... NEVER !

These are times of fitnah.. Dajjal is all too powerful and have entered into our media, our food, our medicines, our schools and our masjids.. ! Be very careful about Halal food. It is NOT just pork or dog meat which is haram, even chicken and beaf is also haram if bought from Haram money !! Haram rizq takes away the barakah in your dua and then you complain Allah (swt) does not answer your duas !!

Dont miss your salat.. BUT more importantly remain extremely respectful to Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). NEVER speak about Rasul Allah (sm) if you are not sure about manners of adab ! This is an extremely sensitive domain. Dont mess up here please.

This Gregorian new year is about to begin. The whole world would be taken over by shameless satanic celebrations. Dont waste yourself here. Allah has NOT made you for this senseless filth..

Know yourself.. you are too precious to be wasted like this..

You are the future of this Ummah ! generations would suffer if you fail to do your duty here. Feel the responsibility. Allah will ask you about it. On the day of Judgement, you must NOT be ashamed in front of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm).

May Allah be with you, give you Hayat e Tayyaba, Rizq e Kareem and Husn e Khatima.. !

Stay blessed...

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