Friday, 27 November 2015

November 27th, 2015

I am extremely hurt and dejected at the insane statements of Imran. He is full of praise for Gandhi, Ghaffar Khan and Abul Kalam azaad.

I am extremely hurt and dejected at the insane statements of Imran. He is full of praise for Gandhi, Ghaffar Khan and Abul Kalam azaad. Gandhi was an extremist Hindu who wanted akhand bharat. Ghaffar Khan and Abul Kalam azaad were traitors to the Ummah, enemies of Muslims and Ghaddar e Millat.

Mir Jaffar and Mir Sadeq were NOT great leaders, despite being Prime Ministers of Bengal and Mysore. History knows them as traitors !! Thats what Ghaffar Khan and Abul Kalam azad were. Quaid e Azam called abul Kalam azaad as a "show boy" of Hindu Congress ! Ghaffar khan refused to be buried in Pakistan because the rascal was a a paid agent of Communists. This is NOT great leadership. This is style of a Ghaddar !

Creation of Pakistan is the greatest victory of Muslims of the world. Even in this weak and broken state, Pakistan remains the greatest gift that Allah has given us. Saying that it should not have been made just because Zardari like snakes rule over it today is a total betrayal of our history, facts and divine will and wisdom. Even today, Pakistan is the guardian and protector of Ummah. The presence of Pakistan is a declaration of defeat of the enemies and a huge victory and hope for the Ummah.

Today, Hindu Zionists are proving that our founding fathers were GREAT men with vision who could see that Muslims would be decimated in united India. Today, RSS. Bajrang Dal and BJP like terrorists organizations are promising to eliminate all Muslims from India. This fact should have opened the eyes of all those idiots who say that Pakistan should not have been made.

Muslims of India today face certain destruction.. ! It does not mater if you become more Hindu than the Hindus like Amir Khan, Shahrukh Khan or shabana azmi. You will be humiliated and killed just because your forefathers were Muslims.. ! You can see this in India today. This is what Quaid e Azam and Baba Iqbal saw 90 years ago, which unfortunately, even today, Imran cannot see.

very sad indeed !!

Remember this always. Ghaffar Khan, Abul Kalam azaad and Mullah Madni of Darul Uloom deoband are traitors of Pakistan movement. They are NOT our heroes. They are petty people, who supported Hindu Mushriks when Ummah was going through its greatest test and millions of Muslims had sacrificed their lives, honor and homes for this beloved Pakistan. Traitor are NEVER great men. Imran, you are wrong here dear, very wrong !


Ghaffar Khan and Abul Kalam azaad are snakes...NOT great men.

To all PTI followers who have begun abusing me because I have pointed out a blunder by IK.

On this page, we DO NOT collect fans. I did not invite you here. You came here yourself. Follow the rules of this page or leave or you will be blocked. This page is NOT a platform for a political party or media house where you can start arguing. Sorry, you are here to hear what I have to say. hear it with adab or leave. Many of you start personal attacks. I have NOT done personal attacks on IK or discussed his personal life of marriage. His political views are being discussed. stay decent or you will find us harsh.

I have heard his speech myself and know he said and what impression it gave. Leaders are supposed to speak clearly, NOT create confusions, especially if he is talking about Pakistan's creation, ideology and on the judgement of our founding fathers. He is praising traitors like Mir Jaffar and Mir Sadeq. This is NOT acceptable. Ghaffar Khan and Abul Kalam azaad are snakes...NOT great men.

Read this post 3 times, slowly..

Quaid-E-Azam Slapping Imran Khan

The real great leader was our beloved Quaid e Azam. He considered these 3 rascals as petty and sick leaders. Gandhi had a shameful private life, exploiting every lady around him. He threatened Quaid with a "fight to the knife" if Quaid insisted on Pakistan. So much for "peace loving nature" of Gandhi.

Abul Kalam azaad was hated by Quaid. Just read the letters quaid have written to Abul Kalam azaad.

Khan Ghaffar Khan was a "Gandhi" of Frontier, as he was called. he was half Hindu in mentality and beliefs, half Communist. He tried to kill Quaid on many occasions, tried to block Pakistan. It was because of his venom that refrendom had to be held in NWFP if they want to join Pakistan or India. He almost handed over frontier to Hindus. when he died he refused to be burried in Pakistan as he hated Pakistan so much. Afghanistan was under Soviet Russia at that time. he preferred the "freedom" under Soviets rather than Pakistan.

Then IK calls them great leaders. Now you decide. If Quaid was right or IK ?? there is NO compromise on this.

Hitler, Stalin, Firoun, Bush, Blair, Missoulini, netenyaho are/were huge leaders of their nations but they were NOT great leaders. They were killers, butchers and snakes. Definition of greatness should not be confused.

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