Sunday, 1 November 2015

November 1st, 2015

16 people killed, hundreds wounded in local bodies election violence!! This nation only needs Benevolent Dictatorship NOT Demon-crazy !!

I had decided not to come on media since I came back from Saudi Arabia. Because I saw the nation totally lost in silly games like NA22, local bodies elections and now the divorce of IK. The whole Ummah is burning but the leaders, media and the political parties are playing shameless games, while the people follow the merry-go-round circus willingly. This is insanity. 16 people were killed yesterday in this madness called local bodies elections !! Indeed, this nation deserves Zardari, Nawaz, Altaf, Iftikhar chaudrey and Fazlu.

Wait for Allah's judgement now... !

Whatever I had to say, I have said loud and clear. Whatever need to be said, will be said on these social media platforms. When we feel that this nation wants to hear the truth, then we will come on the electronic media also. Otherwise, we don't have to. We offer no apologies, nor give any explanations, nor give any quarter to the enemies. Enemies will soon face our wrath. We are not sitting idle. Guarantee you that.

75% of our work for National Security was always behind the scenes and remained secret. It is being done with full intensity but you do not need to know. You will only see the result, not the process or the strategy or the operational details. Media is only 25% of our main work and for now, we will restrict our media appearance while working behind the scenes, while exposing the enemies on social media.

If you trust us and are sincere to the mission, then DO NOT ask me to come on media. I will come when we feel the need for it. Not because someone else wants me to. We are NOT part of this Kufr called democracy, Riba & beyghairat media !!.

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