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November 4th, 2014

You want to know my sect ?? It is Ishq e Rasul (sm). This is the sect of Ahl Beyt, Sayyads, Sadaats !!

When I speak against Khawarij, Takfiris and sectarian terrorists, they call me a Shia and an Iranian agent :-)

When I point out the blunders of Shias - both in history and in modern times, they call me a Saudi agent, kharji or sectarian.

The fact is when it comes to making a stand against Zulm, Sayyads and Sadaats will always stand alone -- as we did in Karbala, without any "Shias" or "Sunnis" !!!

Time changes, history changes -- nature of men always remain same. !!

You want to know my sect ?? It is Ishq e Rasul (sm). This is the sect of Ahl Beyt, Sayyads, Sadaats !!

I want to share this mail from a Shia member and my reply.

I want to share this mail from a Shia member and my reply. Pl read to know the context of todays's posts and the difficult duty that we have to do.

His mail:

"With the utmost respect, I want to raise some serious points regarding your recent post on "shias"
It is written on your facebook page that you are a security analyst who observers geographical and national situation and comments on it. I'm unable to establish any link in between your duty and the recent post that you have published on your wall. Please clarify this.

Secondly, I'm a shia muslim and I have been following you since 2007 when you used to do a program Brasstacks. I want to highlight a part of your recent post that you published yesterday (sunday) where you asked shias to realize the strategy of indians. I want to ask didn't you know that your (today's) post would give a chance to malicious elements on the both sides of the sects who would take every chance to instigate people and detoriate this fragile ShiaSunni unity as you can notice in the comment section. I seriously wasn't expecting such steps from you.

Lastly, talking islamically, as a shia, I agree and all the shias agree that the people of Kufa betrayed H.Hussain (a.s) but I'm still unable to understand why you have published that post where you're focusing and repeating the term 'Shian e ali' and potraying that shias are the reason for the martyrdom of H.Hussain. It also seems from your post that you are comapring today's shia with the people of Kufa and conveying the picture to the public that this mourning is just a show off and has nothing to do in reality. It is only me who is getting this perception but my brother and all my friends have perceived the same thing and I'm sure every shia muslim is finding this offensive.


My reply :


I have a difficult duty to perform – to unite two extreme schools of Muslims. I may resort to shock therapy to put them into their places but my stance is above sectarian. I am being hunted and chased and threatened for taking too pro-Iran, pro-Shia stance :-)

But I am being destroyed by Shias also who cannot accept my pro-Khilafat stand. Where do I go ? :))

We do our duty irrespective of consequences. This is what we have learnt from our elders of Karbala. They are our family and when they died, they did not have Shias or sunnis with them to protect. They fought and died alone. We are ready too.

Labbaik Ya Sayyadi Hussain ! Labbaik Ghazwa e Hind ! Someone with a sword in the hand must come to knock sense into the Ummah.

The message of Karbala is clear -- such catastrophic tragedies happen when Ummah fights within each other on sectarian, political and regional prejudices. for 1400 years, Shias and Sunnis are divided, fighting with each other, abusing, cursing but not accepting their own blunders in creating fasad. Shahadat of Hazrat Usman was a great tragedy where Khawarij were able to divide the Ummah into groups. Then that led to battle of Jamal and Siffin and leading to the tragedy of Karbala !

There are strong roles of Khawarij, munafiqs and Jews who exploited these differences. They are doing the same today in the Ummah -- Khawarij and Jews are active again. Both Shias and Sunnis must wake up now. enough blood has been spilled.

Someone with a sword in the hand must come to knock sense into the Ummah. Whenever Ummah is in crisis, it is the duty of our Ahl Beyt Sayyads Sadaats to make their stand ! InshAllah, we pledge to do the same today, as our forefathers did in Karbala !

Labbaik Ya Sayyadi Hussain !
Labbaik Ghazwa e Hind !

Who are the enemies of Misson Takmeel e Pakistan ??

Know this ultimate reality clearly -- Imam Hussain and Imam Hasan are Syeds of the youth of Jannah, loved by Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) so much that if anyone hurts or harms or hates Imam Hussain, he would considered as the enemy of Rasul Allah (sm) himself. All Sunni and Shia traditions agree to these facts. NO dispute at all.

Also, understand the fact that Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) had already given the warning through Wahee that Imam Hussain would be made shaheed in Karbala. This Hadees is noted in Sunni traditions also and well known. At that time, Imam Hussain was just a baby and playing on the chest of Sayyadi Rasul Allah and upon hearing this news, Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) also cried a lot !!

Also, understand that when Sayyadi Imam Hussian started his journey towards Karbala, he knew exactly well that he is going towards his death. He gave dozens of Khutbas on the way to Karbala and told all the allies, supporters, Shias that they were heading towards their death and people should leave if they want to live ! Thousands left him on the way... only the 72 family members and die hard followers remained with him in Karbala. Thousands others either left him on the way or refused to come...

Why did Imam Hussain made this journey ?? Knowing fully well that he is heading towards certain death, especially when he also knew about the Hadees from Sayyadi Rasul Allah ?? Was it to gain power ?? was it to win in the battle ??

Yazeed was NOT sunni. He was NOT shia. He was an enemy of Rasul Allah (sm), an enemy of Islam, an enemy of Agl Beyt, who had changed the very foundations of Islam at that time, just as King Akbar tried to do in India many centuries later. That is why Imam Hussain refused to give his Bayt to Yazeed, just as Mujaddid alf e Sani refused to show loyalty to Akbar on sunnah of Imam Hussain.

Imam had realized that he has to make the ultimate sacrifice to trigger a massive awakening within the Ummah against the Zulm of the tyrants of the time. The only option he had was to present himself for a sacrifice which would violently shake the collective conscious of the Ummah at that time to wake up and rise. An extremely difficult choice but the decision was taken deliberately. The results of his decision was exactly as he had planned. The whole Ummah woke up after the sacrifice at Karbala.

Islam Zinda hota hai har karbala key baad !

Karbala is NOT a Shia Sunni issue. It is a principled stand of ahl beyt against Taghoot, Kufr and zulm of the time.

Now here is the ultimate message:

Being a follower of Imam means that you make a stand against Zulm, Kufr and Taghoot of the time. Else, you are either a "Koofi" or a "Yazeedi" or part of the "sleeping Ummah" BUT definitly NOT part of Hussaini Caravan. Karbala is NOT an event. It is a Phenomenon, a lifestyle, a way to live with dignity and die with honor !

If you claim to be a Shia or Sunni and serve Riba based Kufr system, serve anglo-saxon laws of Kufr, serve Democracy and spread filthy vulgarity through Media then you are NOT a Hussaini !!! then you are a Yazeedi, even if you cry your heart out in Moharram !!! Know this very well !!

Sayyadi Rasul Allah Imam Hussian will disown every person who serves to destroy the Deen of Islam, serve the Kufr and protect the interests of Jews and Mushriks, even if he claims to be Shian e Ali, or Ahl sunnah wal Jamaat !!!

This is a warning to all those who consider themselves as Naji firqa but in reality live a most filthy life of Haram in dunya !!

Followers of Imam Hussain, live with dignity, wage war against Kufr of the time and then die with honor !! That is real message of Karbala !

Let me make a very strong statement here : Our mission Takmeel e Pakistan is the most sacred ideological mission for the revival of Ummah and Pakistan. But we are facing most severe resistance from within Pakistan. There is total blockade on me to come on media, cases have been registered against me and we are being blocked at every levels. We know those people.

Two religious groups are most fiercely anti-Takmeel e Pakistan and those are:

1. A strong militant group within deobandis.
2. A strong powerful group within Shias

I will ask both these groups to stop behaving like Yazeedis and Kufis. We are ahl Beyt. followers of Imam Hussain. We have taken up this duty knowing fully well that this is a risky dangerous path, full of enemies and betrayals and we will do our duty at all costs IA.

Come and support us in this mission of Ghazwa e Hind, Takmeel e Pakistan and United states of Islam. Support our war against Khawarij, against Taghoot, against Riba and against Anglo-saxon laws. Those who support us the true Hussainis. Those who opose us are the Yazeedis or Kufis, even if they are Sunnis or Shias today !!

Alhamdolillah ! We are true Hussaninis, living a life of dignity, heading for a death of honor, InshAllah, when Allah wills !! 

Anyone betraying the deen of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) is a Yazeedi, irrespective of his sect, region or nationality !

Hussaini and Yazeedi are names of two life styles, NOT sects.

Every arrogant within the Ummah claims to be a Hussaini, but it is their actions which will define their camp !

Anyone betraying the deen of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) is a Yazeedi, irrespective of his sect, region or nationality !

Let the arrogants bite the dust !! 

We expect a very bloody November and December. Be ready. War is upon us now...

How times change! Once banned as a terrorist org for killing Gandhi, these rascals now rule a nuclear India!

World should not worry about Pakistan's nukes falling into the hands of terrorists. Indian nukes have ALREADY fallen to religious fanatics!

Modi now wants a war with Pakistan. These snakes have waited for 90 years for this moment. Today, 3 more Pak children killed on border!

Logically, Pak govt & army CANNOT afford a war with India at this moment. So, why would Pak provoke India?? It is Modi's obsession with it. The fact that Pak army does not want a war at this moment & is most vulnerable, has sent Modi & his Hindu Zionists into a frenzy of war!

We expect a very bloody November and December. Indians cannot afford a wide theater war. They will go for a limited high intensity sharp war to test our potential and try their own doctrines to test.

The initial clashes and air reconnaissance have already begun from the Indian side. They are preparing for it now. Be ready ! Its coming.

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