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June 23, 2013


This is my open letter to Nawaz Shareef. He will either be saved by it or be destroyed.

This is my open letter to Nawaz Shareef. He will either be saved by it or be destroyed.


Nawaz Shareef sahib,

Listen to this carefully for this message was already conveyed to your brother in 2008 but you had refused to listen and today the nation suffer its consequences.

It was in 2008, when I met your brother Shahbaz Shareef in his CM office in Lahore. Your government had just come into power in the province and the troika of PPP-MQM-ANP had taken power in centre and other three provinces. During the meeting with Shahbaz, his entire close team of staff officers was also present. Ask him if this has happened or not.

It was back then that I had informed and warned SS of this CIA sponsored democracy to use the CIA backed parties of PPP-MQM-ANP to ignite an urban war in Pakistan in a 4th Generation war to balkanize the country either into another “Yugoslavia” or into another “Iraq” or into another “Somalia” ! I had warned of massive urban wars coming towards Pakistan and had asked you to rise and understand the threats.

I had asked SS to convey to you that you must join hands with rightist parties and abandon your hatred against the army and resist this 4th generation war which is now about to hit Pakistan. You were all very angry against the army back then and I could see that in your rage, you will support Zardari instead of army and would then become a party in demolition of the state and its critical organs. Me and your brother SS had a detailed meeting of about 45 minutes and then I left, having conveyed the warning that a very dangerous and difficult phase for Pakistan is about to begin and the country would now be in a grave existential threat under this CIA backed democracy.

I am sure SS must have talked to you about my visit also. I am also sure that you rejected the advice to build relations with the army. For the last 5 years of PPP rule, you were hands in glove with Zardari in destroying this millat and instead of blocking the 3 separatist parties, you joined them as their 4th piller. Over the years, all analysis done by me back then and warnings given to your brother became hauntingly true.

Pakistan today stands at a precipice, with multiple state organ failures, suffering from an existential urban war, multiple insurgencies, economic collapse and a hostile social and political environment where the entire ideological and moral fiber of the society is falling apart under a compromised media, judiciary and political chaos.

Now when you have come the PM and your brother sits in the same office where we had met, I see that you are not smiling, have fear on your face and now the harsh reality of a State heading towards failure is now staring like death in your face. The urban wars have now engulfed all major provincial capitals – Peshawar, Quetta and Karachi are already burning with Islamabad also suffering catastrophic terror in its heart. If Lahore is safe today, then it is only a matter of time that the terror rips it apart as well, Allah forbid.

Now I am warning you again. Mend your ways, see the threats to the nation and the state, understand the 4th generation war and its hostile players, identify the enemies and their strategies, join hands with patriotic and nationalist forces, respect armed forces, fight the insurgencies, crush the rebellions, streamline the justice system, control the foreign paid media, defend the ideology of Pakistan and recover the looted wealth from the previous regime and its corrupt cronies. So, far, the way you are going, you are heading for a major disaster and a crash – both for yourself and for the country. This is the last warning to you. After this, there would only be divine retributions from the Almighty.

Pakistan’s crisis is on three axis:

1. Law and order and terrorism. Hang the terrorists. Give free hand to the army to eliminate them even if you have to form military courts to try the insurgents. When army is fighting them, army should try them and eliminate them too. Pakistan’s judicial system under CJ has betrayed the nation catastrophically. Trusting the civil judicial system to fight the terrorism would be a national suicide. Understand this clearly. This judiciary is fighting the army, not the terrorists.

2. Economy. Focus on recovering the billions of dollars of stolen wealth, NOT on taxing the poorest of the poor to pay the bankers. Your entire strategy of revenue generation is a failure. Not a single attempt to recover the looted and stolen wealth and you have also adopted the path of least resistance of crushing the already crushed millat. This will explode in your face. DO NOT do it.

3. Defend the ideology of Pakistan. Today, we are being attacked more ruthlessly and fiercely on this axis than we are on the military and economic fronts. Your past has been shameful regarding the ideology of this beloved Pak Sarzameen. You have another chance now. Make amends else you will be buried in the darkest corners of history, never to be remembered. This is your last chance!!

It is a matter of days to fix this country, improve the law and order and revive the economy. But you will have to crush the insurgents not appease them. You will have to respect the armed forces not humiliate them. You will have to recover the looted wealth, not tax the poorest. You will have to defend the ideology not destroy it.

If you promise to do what we have advised, we promise to support you in this cause. If you refuse, then Allah is all wise, all powerful and He is indeed fierce in taking revenge.

If you need any details on how to implement this strategy, you know where to find me. For anything else, don’t waste my time. I had a duty to give azaan. Have given it. Now it is between you and Allah (swt). He will deal with you as He seems fit.

May Allah bless Pak Sarzameen.


Zaid Hamid.


MashAllah, a group of patriotic young film makers, influenced by Misison Takmeel e Pakistan decide to launch a beautiful venture. -- The Jinnah Returns !!

MashAllah, a group of patriotic young film makers, influenced by Misison Takmeel e Pakistan decide to launch a beautiful venture. -- The Jinnah Returns !! Full of ideological messages and revival of our identity, this movie is a trend setter for the new media students where this source can be used to project our ideology and identity in unique and different ways. We may disagree at few places, but over all, this is a very good production.

Who is fighting to destroy this sacred mission? Let us identify our enemies.

Dear members, let us give you some strong arguments to defend the mission and the ideology.

Remember this: There can be many people who have difference of opinion with me. there is no harm in it. But there are many who are aggressively working to destroy us, our mission, our ideology and the Takmeel e Pakistan. You will always find them to be the active enemies of Pakistan. always check their backgrounds before you start to believe their lies and question our mission or the person.

Who is fighting to destroy this sacred mission? Let us identify our enemies.

1. Congressi pro-Hindu, Indian funded Mullahs. They are leading this campaign. These Mullahs have always been the enemies of Rasul Allah (sm). if you trust them, they will destroy you. Remember this. These Mullahs will attack with Fatwas of Kufr, will call me a Qadiani or agent of CIA or ISI or Iran or false prophet etc etc.

2. Second group is Liberal Secular gangsters like SAFMA, Hamid Mir, Asma Jahangir and the snakes of this type. Their strategy is call to us an ISI agent, a religious fanatic, a Jihadi, a Muslim extremist, a follower of Zia etc etc.

3. 3rd group are the terrorists of TTP, BLA, LeJ etc. They are the enemies of Rasul Allah (sm) and their attacks are more physical in nature.

4. The traitor political parties like MQM, ANP and Zardari gangsters. They operate in the political domain and use their power and clout to use the judicial and political system to silence our voice and mission.

4. The Judicial system and CJ. They are using their judicial system to silence our voice and to block our mission and vision.

They are all active and aggressive players in war against the mission of Rasul Allah (sm) and defense of Medina e Sani. They all cooperate with each other despite apparently being in the different camps. For example the snake Tahir Ashrafi is also a fasadi Congressi Mullah, also a supporter and member of SAFMA and also member of the government's council of Islamic ideology. They are all one huge system of Dajjal.

One last point. About the allegation that I am a follower of a false prophet (Naoozubillah), chekc out this website where dozens of great Ahl Sunnah scholars have given their opinions on Yusuf ali case. Sheikh Nazim, Maulana Abdul Sattar Khan Niazi and Maulana Manzoor Shah Sahib of Jamia Fareedia Sahiwal had strong opinion and Fatwa on the case and you should read them yourself to know the false propaganda in that case. That was purely a sectarian case where Congressi mullahs had used threat and blackmail to nail someone from the opposite sect. Know the facts so that shaitan cannot make you go astray. If anyone has any issue with the Fatwas, pl ask those who have given them. Do Not blame me :)

stay blessed and know your enemies. In these times of war, our enemies come in all forms and shapes. Do lots of astaghfar and ask Allah to show you the truth despite the lies, deceptions and propaganda of the enemies.

khair inshAllah.

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