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June 17, 2013

Judiciary is waging a war against the State !!!!!\05\03\story_3-5-2009_pg1_9

The entire war in Baluchistan is fueled by a fake propaganda that army killed Akbar Bugti. If this lie is killed, the entire war of BLA could have been crushed much earlier. But, the Judiciary, under the Command of CJ is NOT willing to kill this lie. They have a score to settle with Musharraf. CJ BHC ordered a case to be registered on behalf of BLA against the then army chief. Then CJ SC rejected our petition to form a Judicial commision to know the truth. Both CJ's helped the BLA and now there is blood all over Ziarat and Quetta.

Every Bugti knows that Akbar Bugti committed suicide. Even the most staunch eneies of army know this and this has also been printed in Daily Times, the paper of Najam Sethi, a strong BLA terrorist himself. This is the most unfortunate reality of today. Judiciary is waging a war against the State !!!!!

‘Akbar Bugti caused the explosion that led to his death’

LAHORE: A close aide of late Baloch nationalist leader Nawab Akbar Bugti has claimed that a rocket fired by Bugti caused the explosion that led to the nationalist leader’s death. “When security forces entered the cave where he (Bugti) was hiding, he attempted to fend them off by firing a shell. This caused a massive explosion, which resulted in the cave-in that led to the death of Bugti, one colonel, two majors and three commandoes,” Wadera Muhammad Murad Bugti told a private TV channel. He said the late Bugti had decided that he would rather die fighting than surrender to the security forces. “When forces besieged his cave on August 26, 2006, he asked his comrades to leave the cave and let him fight them alone,” he added. daily times monitor

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