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15 April, 2013

 BrassTacks Threat Analysis:

BrassTacks Threat Analysis:

As such, it is still not clear if the elections would be held on May 11th. It is all in thin air even now. The assassination of the political candidates and violence has choked the campaigns in many parts of the country. Lahore high court is already contemplating delaying the polls. The existing caretaker government is at war with army anyways. Anything can snap.

The Baluchistan separatists are using all axis – political and military – to gain clout in the province. Their first choice would be to remove all political opposition, security forces and government writ from the province and then go for the elections for a clean sweep and then declaring a unilateral declaration of Independence. Failing to do that, the option of an armed struggle is always there for them. What is incredible is that the separatists are not making any bones about it. Rebellion is already announced while the elections commission and the Chief Justice fail to take notice. All terrorists are being invited by the government to take part in the elections. All terrorism charges have been dropped and their crimes forgiven without taking any assurance in return for being loyal to the state. This is a serious plot unfolding.

The Baluchistan liberation army has created such an anarchy that even the foreign observers have refused to go to these provinces for security reasons. Government of Pakistan is expected to hold elections in war zones under these chaotic conditions.

Army is realizing the crisis and is watching the developments with great concern. The entire political process, elections and war have been handed over to the army now, stretching the force to beyond its extreme limits. With only less than a month to the elections, the challenge is indeed severe.

It is going to be security chaos in the country or the provocation by the courts and the political parties – which would cause the trigger to delay the elections or army to intervene? We don’t know yet, but anything is possible for now.

So, we wait. Khair InshAllah



The Media is the biggest traitor in our history! liable to be punished under all laws of the land. 



The Media is the biggest traitor in our history! Supreme Court has also recently discussed a list where almost the entire media was on the payroll of the government or someone else. The case is on-going and fixed for 17th. Lets see if the SC has the guts to expose these snakes. When we took our petition, SC refused to hear it :) Lets see now.

In the meantime, the media itself is exposing its crimes and vulgarity. It is all too open now -- liable to be punished under all laws of the land. Foreign funded private NGO's destroying the moral, political and religious fiber of the state and the nation. One word for them -- Traitors !!!


Understand the importance of the Khilafat. Know your duties and enemies. DO NOT fall for democracy or any other man made laws.



Understand the importance of the Khilafat. Know your duties and enemies. DO NOT fall for democracy or any other man made laws. Pakistan was made by our founding fathers to complete an unfinished destiny. The time is for you to lead. Rise and take charge. Learn your deen, values and adab and stay close to the mission Takmeel e Pakistan.


"We must put an end to anything which brings about any Islamic unity between the sons of the Muslims. As we have already succeeded in finishing off the Khilafah, so we must ensure that there will never arise again unity for the Muslims, whether it be intellectual or cultural unity."

The British Foreign Minister addressing the British Prime Minister shortly before World War II.


"The situation now is that Turkey is dead and will never rise again, because we have destroyed its moral strength, the Khilafah and Islam."

Lord Curzon, British Foreign Minister, in front of the House of Commons after the Lausanne Treaty of July 24th, 1924.

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