Tuesday, 26 February 2013

February 26, 2013

Each and every word of the warnings given have been proven hauntingly right after 5 years of democracy.


Back in 2008-9, when the leaders and the nation was intoxicated in CIA backed democracy, we gave out our azaan against the CIA's threats to Pakistan and had warned the nation of the future grand strategy in the region. Each and every word of the warnings given have been proven hauntingly right after 5 years of democracy. Allah is punishing us today because we failed to listen o the advice back then.

Our stance has remained firm ever since we have started to give our azaan in 2007, despite threats, despite atatcks and despite cases against us, we have stood firm alhamdolillah!

Now, the Americans are being forced to leave Afghanistan. They have been defeated but the traitors within the country still remain strong but now the time has come for their accountability. Let them remain intoxicated in power for now that they do not see their "ibratnaak" fate coming to them. They are planning another elections and then another term of democracy.... This will NOT happen inshAllah. The time has come to hang them on the lampposts in Islamabad. In the coming days, this is the strategy which will be deployed by the "Dandey Wali Sarkaar", InshAllah !! We had warned five years ago !!!



 Indus to Oxus is now available in all over UK and Europe:)

Indus to Oxus is now available in all over UK and Europe:)

Our much awaited Memoirs of Afghan Jihad are now published and available! InshAllah, these ground breaking historical account would change the entire perspective of the Afghan Jihad and would decisively alter the way Afghan JIhad was viewed by the historians and the analysts alike.

For the last 20 years, we carried this sacred trust upon our shoulders and now we pass it on to the present and future generations. With hundreds of original and unpublished rare photographs and written in emotional and absorbing narrative, these memoirs are a treasure trove of untold history. (ZH)

Hard bound, packed in a beautiful box with 440 colored pages with hundreds of fascinating pictures, these memoirs will take you back in time with the Afghan Mujahideen in the romantic era when history was being created in the melting pot of Afghan JIhad.

No such document exist in the world today with such first hand and authentic account of that amazing era, critically analyzing the mistakes and blunders also which led to the chaos and anarchy we see today in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The memoirs are priced at 25 pounds only.

You can order directly by sending the email to


UK phone number.. 07411097896 or 07414911323
InshAllah, books will be dispatched within 3 to 4 working days.

May Allah bless Ummat e Rasul (sm) and accept this humble gift as our contribution for the glory of the Ummah and defense of Pak Sarzameen.......

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  1. اب ہمارے افغان جہاد کے زیادہ انتظار یادداشتوں شائع اور دستیاب ہیں! انشاء اللہ، یہ زمین تاریخی اکاؤنٹ توڑنے افغان جہاد کے پورے نقطہ نظر کو تبدیل کریں اور جس طرح افغان جہاد میں مورخین اور تجزیہ کاروں کی طرف سے دیکھا یکساں تھا فیصلہ کن تبدیل کریں گے.

    گزشتہ 20 سال سے، ہم اپنے کندھوں وسلم اس مقدس اعتماد کیا اور اب ہم اس کے موجودہ اور مستقبل کی نسلوں کو منتقل. اصل اور اپرکاشت نایاب تصاویر اور جذباتی اور دلچسپ داستان کے وزٹرز کا ریکارڈ رکھا جائے گا سینکڑوں کے ساتھ، ان یادداشتوں کو ان کہی تاریخ کا ایک ایسا خزانہ trove ہیں. (ZH)

    سخت پابند ہے، 440 دلچسپ تصویریں کے سینکڑوں کے ساتھ رنگ کے صفحات کے ساتھ ایک خوبصورت باکس میں پیک کیا آپ یہ یادداشتوں وقت میں لے رومانوی دور میں جب تاریخ افغان جہاد کے پگھلنے کے برتن میں پیدا کیا جا رہا تھا میں افغان مجاہدین کے ساتھ واپس جائے گا.

    آج کی دنیا میں ایسی کوئی دستاویز جیسے کہ حیرت انگیز دور کے پہلے ہاتھ اور مستند اکاؤنٹ کے ساتھ موجود ہیں، شدید غلطیوں اور غلطیوں جو افراتفری اور انتشار آج ہم افغانستان اور پاکستان میں نظر آنے والے کی قیادت کا تجزیہ.