Wednesday, 20 February 2013

February 20, 2013

The bhenga comedian destroying a nation !



We wonder if the CJ can see the irony of his meaningless judgements?? Just last week, he had ordered FC to be withdrawn from dera Bugti and demanded civil government there, which in reality does not exist any where in Baluchistan. Today, the entire country demands army take over in Baluchistan !!!!!

There are nearly 70 dreaded LeJ terrorists in Quetta jails but the judiciary does not decide their cases, in fact constantly releases them honorably.

An incident is cited, where an Anti-Terror Court judge recently threw out a case of over 70 kilograms of explosives seized, famously saying that “it’s not terrorism till the explosives blow up.”

Also limiting for investigators is the Anti-Terror Act of 1997 and the Qanoon-e-Shahadat, that make police testimony inadmissible, and in the absence of other witnesses, any case against the LeJ or other actors weak. When army or police raids a terrorist hideouts, only witnesses are Police and army NOT ordinary people!!

This is most unforgivable crime in the eyes of Allah and Rasul Allah (sm) and complete violation of national laws -- to release the terrorists to allow them to kill with impunity and still be called the Chief Justice!! Pakistan's justice has become a global joke under this squint eyed CJ.

When injustice is the law, resistance is the duty !



The argument is simple -- delivering justice is the combined duty of the government and the judiciary -- both have failed, in fact both have committed treason with the state -- both must be prosecuted and hanged !!

It is NOT the duty of the army to provide the justice. It is the judicial system which has failed miserably and Mr. CJ is the head of it.

Army is doing its duty by fighting the terrorists on ground and we have given over 10,000 of our finest young officers and men in this noble fight. NO one can dare to blame the army for not doing enough.

The government and the CJ are trying to fight a 21st century war with 1860 Anglo-saxon colonial laws -- a total insanity for which they must be impeached and prosecuted. Cant they see that their entire system has collapsed under the challenge, Muslims are dying, children are being orphaned and women being widowed by the dozens daily and they have NOT convicted a single terrorist -- both judiciary and the govt passing the blame on each other? This is criminal and unforgivable. No mercy for this stupidity and criminal negligence.

All subordinate courts are under the CJ, just as all army units are under the army chief. can the army chief says that he is not responsible for what Punjab regiment does ??? Never ! How can the CJ not know that his subordinate judiciary is the most corrupt, compromised and afraid and is releasing the thousands of terrorists arrested by the army and the police. They have released Ajmal Pahari, the man who confessed in front of video camera in the whole world that he has killed over 100 people in Karachi and has taken training from India!!! Now they say, courts need proof??? Burn these courts if they cannot do justice.

Let them prepare their answer in front of Allah and Rasul Allah (sm) on the day of judgement. let them blame each other now. On the day of judgement, Allah will hang them all upside down!! By Allah, He will!! A judge would be most harshly dealt with. I only wish Mr. CJ knew that. This man has betrayed Rasul Allah (sm). He has betrayed Medina e Sani. He has betrayed Ummat e Rasul (sm). Now we know, why Aulia Allah are doing curse upon him. you will see a very "ibratnaak" end to this man in dunya and akhira. 

The uncut raw footage of our full 37 minutes of our blunt azaan at the National Security Conference in Lahore on January 27th. The time for azaan has ran out now.

This is the uncut raw footage of our full 37 minutes of our blunt azaan at the National Security Conference in Lahore on January 27th. Din News had aired 15 minutes only. Here is the full version.

The time for azaan has ran out now. Now we wait for the destiny to unfold as we have been betrayed by the most powerful men who were supposed to protect our honor. Those who still cannot understand what we are trying to convey for the last 5 years, should now wait as well. We will not explain any further, not offer any apologies. You will see the destiny now, InshAllah.

Let the enemies plot and plan. Allah has His own plans and He indeed intends to crush all those in power today. How He does it? You will see soon. Let the traitors celebrate for now in their intoxication of power.

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