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December 18, 2012


 Pakistan -- The entire spectrum of threat -- 

Unless we have a government in Islamabad, 

it would be game over soon !




BrassTacks has done a simplified but comprehensive threat analysis here for the nation to understand the entire spectrum of threat matrix being faced by Pakistan today under combined 4GW, Af-Pak and Cold start doctrines. We will analyze each and every axis of threat for the nation to understand how critical the crisis has become. This is the harsh and brutal reality this compromised media and treacherous politicians and the judiciary fail to see or is paid to hide.

Under the 4GW, Af-Pak and Cold start, there are multiple attacks against the nation and the country on various axis:

1. Economic collapse. This axis is already totally exposed and collapsing now and Pak army has no control over this aspect of threat.

2. Political Chaos. Pakistan army has not developed any response to this axis also which is rapidly collapsing.

3. Judicial axis: The recent actions of the judiciary are most severely hurting Pakistan and supporting the enemies to bring about an internal collapse. Pak army has no solution to this axis of threat.

4. Information War and media axis: Pak army has again no control over this threat axis which is extremely hostile to the state and the nation. Patriots have mounted their own responses on social media and in higher judiciary which have to some extent responded to the hostile information war. But this remains one of the weakest link in the overall responce strategy.

5. Insurgencies of TTP: Pak army has achieved partial success on this axis of threat but in the absence of judicial, media and governmental support, total victory remains elusive. Most violent and chaotic threat axis which have so far claimed over a 100,000 in limbs and lives. This axis is the most brutal war and now it is exposed that it is being directed by global Satanists using the TTP as proxies.

6. BLA insurgency. As the Baluchistan government has collapsed, Pak army and FC only have partial success in containing this axis of threat but only temporarily in the absence of any political, media or judicial support.

7. Urban War in Karachi which is on the verge of explosion with no response strategy from the army. The city is a ticking time bomb. In the presence of treacherous and corrupt government in Sindh, no military response can be built.

8. Af-Pak: This flank is totally exposed as well with NATO/US waging a ruthless war through drones, Black waters and through direct attacks on Pakistan's military outposts on the border.

9. Indian Cold start: Pak army has done reasonable preparations for this axis of threat which would be high intensity, conventional and non-conventional conflict. Indian Divisions are waiting just across the border to roll in once the internal collapse reaches the red line.

As such, there is no recovery process taking place in any of the exposed flanks and it is imminent that a total national collapse is inevitable within few months. There cannot be any total national security response in the presence of this democracy. To the above threats, add the chaos of elections as well and we have a time bomb in our hands.

Unless there is a solid, patriotic and competent government in Islamabad, we have no hope of winning this war now. Army is totally surrounded from outside and from within and is building responses to the military axis only NOT on all other economic, media, judicial and political fronts. Army cannot do that itself and needs the support of the government.

But there is NO government in Islamabad and those who are there have been placed to bring about this total collapse and have been paid in advance for it.

Now you tell us what should be the response of the army and the patriots??? Unless army moves decisively and bring in patriotic government NOW, it would be game over for us as well, just as it already has for Iraq, Libya and Syria.....

May Allah have mercy upon this Ummah. Wake up now rise or be ready to be buried! Now you know the full threat spectrum and cannot claim ignorance in dunya and akhira!

 This is your chance to advice and support the army

 on what must be done under these circumstances.

 Join this poll 



This is your chance to advice and support the army on what must be done under these circumstances. Join this poll on Should army bring patriotic caretakers for 3 years or let the present anarchic, chaotic and corrupt democracy continue for another 5 years? Go to the poll below. The results will be sent to the army leadership by Patriots.

 This is the strongest weapon of Dajjal !!!




And if you think the media is Free in the West, you will find these statistics very interesting! Media is a weapon not a source of information and knowledge. That is why, these private NGO's are more powerful than the governments and the armies. This is the weapons they use to destroy nations, enslave humanity and spread Satanism in the world. This is the weapon they use to create the One Global Government of Zionists - from UN to the next One Global village ruled by Zionists !

This is the weapons which makes you believe that democracy is good and Khilafat is bad. This is the weapon which makes you believe that Pakistan should not have been created and United India is the best option. This is the weapon which steals your soul and heart and makes you brain dead. This is the strongest weapon of Dajjal !!!

Allahu Akbar !

 This is the biggest hit they have received 

in years, alhamdlillah !


Allahu Akbar !

The Zionist controlled media globally and the Khawarij are now in total panic mode. US websites are trying to prove that the "Tattoo meant nothing" !! This is the biggest hit they have received in years, alhamdlillah !

A defiant and panicked Kharji Ehsanullah Ehsan calls up Saleem Saafi of Geo News Pakistan and clarifies to him, "All 'fidaees' were Pakistani. Those with tattoo were boxers who went to stay in the West for some time, got tattoos then returned".

A perfect load of baloney, this clarification. These heretics are now in extreme panic mode and rampaging around trying to save their behinds from massive exposure once and for all.......

It is a choice between a fatal option or a difficult option.

 Elections are fatal. Caretakers are difficult. 

Which path should we chose ??


Lots of people accuse us of being a "face book" warrior. They accuse us of just talking and doing nothing "practical". They want us to come out and give Dharna in front of US embassy against Drones or do a long march against the government :) It is obvious that they have neither followed our mission nor know our strategy. They also ask us why we are raising the issue of Caretaker government now when "IK is about to become Prime Minister" !! :)). They ask us who will bring the caretakers ?

Let us give them a comprehensive response.

Alhamdolillah, We started our mission in 2007, just before the elections which brought Zardari. If we had some authority, say or power at that time, we would have raised the issue of caretakers even then but back then, people did not know us and our voice had no meaning to the nation. But even at that time, we had warned that this democracy will destroy the country. We had called it "CIA sponsored democracy" and had talked about the 4GW, Yugoslavia doctrine and the urban wars and had exposed the TTP. It has. It took us 4 years to make a solid status where now our azaan is heard and respected even by the enemies.

Now our Azaan is heard and hence we are giving our azaan more strongly. It has nothing to do with IK or anyone else. We are against this democracy and want to change the entire system towards Khilafate Rashida model.

The issue of caretakers is now getting strong momentum. Every man worth his salt is now realizing that elections would not bring any khair. Dozens of "analysts" are now following our line that patriotic caretakers should be brought. If we have enough pressure on the army and the judiciary, then InshAllah, we will have these caretakers.

We are not using guns or violence or Long Marches to make our point. Our weapon is our azaan ! Never underestimate the power of a sincere azaan.

It is a choice between a fatal option or a difficult option. Elections are fatal. Caretakers are difficult. Which path should we chose ?? When we say patriotic technocratic caretakers we mean people with wisdom, who are not idiots and hence are expected to see the crisis we face. That is our best chance to handpick these people and not assume that Bilawal, Altaf or even IK would do this. Since CJ is behaving like a total judicial dictator, only army is the option to bring such a set up. With security getting chaotic every day, we need a strong and patriotic government in Islamabad. We hope that Army would be seriously considering our proposals for their own good and for the country and the people.

Important thing is Justice on the basis of Quranic wisdom and on the sunnah of Rasul Allah (sm). That is the spirit of Khilafat model. To start with, we can have a group of caretakers to stabilize the country, then a change in the political system and then a Presidential model where the ameer is directly elected and brings his own team, abolishing of all political parties as they have in Iran etc.

We need a homegrown model but we can take guidance from various political options available, above all Khilafat e Rashida. One wisdom of Khilafat e Rashida is that it was extremely dynamic and fluid in terms of selection of Ameer and was based on representation, shura, consultation, Ijtihad but NOT on rule of the majority. This is critical to understand.

We fighting to bring a patriotic caretaker setup within weeks as time has come for that. Rest would follow after that. If we fail and elections are held, we would waste another year or so in testing the same idiots and then will have to revert back to caretaker model in the end, if the country survive another year of demon-cracy.

So, why experiment with the tested ones. It is time to select the best of the best we have and support them fully to fix the country. This is our strategy and we are pushing for it. rest is in the hands of Allah (swt). We will either achieve what we are striving for or will keep fighting for it till we die in the process. Either way, we are victorious but we will never ever compromise on our mission and duty, InshAllah.

Jazak Allah Khair


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