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December 12, 2012


We are NOT the enemy. India is. 

You attack us and want to be friends with India.



To all followers of PTI.

BrassTacks is a patriotic think tank with a proven track record of defending Pakistan and Islamic ideology. We are NOT your enemies. Just because we have identified major flaws in your strategy, policies and vision, you have started to behave like MQM with us :) What is the difference between PTI and MQM then?? Tomorrow, if you get power in your hand, you will behave just as MQM do. We are posting serious strategy issues. We have NOT attacked the personality or character of Imran. We have always considered him a well meaning person although a total naive in politics and now fully hijacked by CIA stooges like Qasuri and Qureshi. Your members are using the dirtiest possible language and making personal attacks on ZH without answering the policy issues raised. This is enough to prove what we have said about you -- unwise and arrogant group.

We say again, we are NOT the enemy. India is. You attack us and want to be friends with India. Innalillah.... Pakistan is in a state of war. The issue is not of drones or WOT alone or of militants groups. See the larger pic -- 4thGW, Af-Pak, Cold start. We don't hear these words in PTI vision at all. Wake up kiddos. You are being extremely unwise.

If a leader today does NOT plan to capture Delhi

 and sign  humiliating peace deals with Mushriks,

  then he is only bluffing.




When we say that PTI is almost blind to Geo-strategic realities. They say that we should have peace with India and give examples of treaty of Hudaibia. Treaty of Hudaibia was done to create environment for capturing of Makkah and final victory of Muslims over Mushriks. If a leader today does NOT plan to capture Delhi and sign humiliating peace deals with Mushriks, then he is only bluffing.

The ground reality is that Pakistan is at war today.

Pakistan is being attacked on 3 military axis.

1. 4th Generation war which is waging from NWFP to Karachi. Baluchistan and Karachi are NOT burning due to drones. The 4thGW is designed to implode Pakistan on the pattern of Yugoslavia. That war is being waged by India and US. It is an independent plan to weaken Pakistan from within. The war is on already.

Even if the drones stop, would that stop the violence in Karachi and Baluchistan or would TTP stop their war against Pakistan??????? Only an idiot would believe so.

2. The Indian Cold start Military doctrine where Indians are massively arming themselves for multiple level invasion of Pakistan once internal collapse reaches critical levels, just as they did in East Pakistan. Chinese Philosopher Tsun Zhu said "if you see words of peace and preparations of war, then beware, war is coming". Just watch Indian war preparations and their attacks on Pakistani bases through TTP to destroy our surveillance aircraft. India is rapidly increasing its defense budgets and its entire strike army is located with few kilometers of Pak border waiting to roll in under Cold Start. What does IK plan to do about that????

3. US Af-pak military doctrine -- under which they are re-shaping the greater Middle East and waging a Drone and insurgency wars inside Pakistan. US must be thrown out of Afghanistan. For that Afghan resistance will have to be supported. As long as US is in Afghanistan, Af-Pak, insurgencies and drones would continue.

IK says that we will come out of US war on terror. Good. Can he please explain what does that mean??? Would he stop NATO supplies, block air routes to Afghanistan, force the US to stop drones and force the US to stop support to BLA and TTP and start talks with Afghan Taliban? If yes, good. But then what would be his strategy is US decides to launch an attack on Pakistan to achieve the WOT and Af-Pak objectives??? Would US accept these decisions lying down???? So, then what would IK do??? wage a war with US or start cooperating with US again????

All these 3 military doctrines are a reality but IK and his party are blissfully unaware of these facts. Pakistan is NOT attacking anyone. We are being attacked as we write. Afghan Taliban are NOT terrorists. TTP are Indian/CIA created terrorists. TTP is NOT waging a war because of drones. Only an idiot can say that. TTP is part of 4th GW and Af-Pak war doctrines.

It is hopeless to expect Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Khurshid Qasuri to tell these secrets to Imran as they are part of designing this doctrine.

How stupid PTI can be and the people who follow them. Now the enemies are waiting for the elections so that a 1971 styled anarchy can be created. The politicians are playing right into the hands of the enemies. have you ever wondered why we lost East Pakistan after the elections????

PTI -- Do you even know what Cold start, Af-Pak and 4thGW is ?????


Imran, You have no idea why Pakistan was created,

 what Indians  have done and are doing. 

have you ever heard about  Objectives resolution,

 Rule of Shariat in Pakistan,  Ghazwa e Hind?

There is a reason why Indians are so

 comfortable with you.




I am horrified to hear your interview in front of our arch enemies and your analysis of the crisis that Pakistan face today. If this is your vision and plan, then may Allah protect Pakistan from the Tsunami you want to bring with the help of "Three Foreign Ministers' you so proudly own. Your entire analysis of TTP, militancy, Jihad, terrorism is so dammed confused that I could not understand what are you trying to say. You took the total blame upon Pakistan, completely ignoring the ground realities of Indian sponsored terrorism in Pakistan even right now.

Every insult, every humiliation, even allegation and every lie that Indian anchor threw towards Pakistan, army and ISI, you accepted without objection without defending Pakistan's position. There is a reason why Indians are so comfortable with you.

We knew you would destroy Pakistan by your inexperience, lack of knowledge, personal arrogance and bad advisers. Now our worst fears have materialized. You have not learnt anything since you arrogant and infamous speech at the world cup in 1992, Astaghfurullah. Your nature is still the same -- unwise and arrogant, even if you well meaning.

You have no idea why Pakistan was created, what Indians have done and are doing. have you ever heard about Objectives resolution, Rule of Shariat in Pakistan, Ghazwa e Hind?

You want us to make a fresh start with India?????

Do you know that Kashmir dispute was to be sold to the Indians by your party leaders, former Foreign Ministers, and India would never have vacated IOK?? you want us to forget 5 million shaheeds of Pakistan movement and 1 million shaheeds of east Pakistan at the hands of Mukti and Indian army? You want us to ignore Indian role in creating TTP and BLA and their ongoing 4th Generation war to dismember Pakistan even now??

Do you even know that is 4th GW????????????

You want to reduce the defense budgets and destroy all Jihadi groups fighting against Indian occupation of Kashmir? You are totally confused between Afghan Taliban, TTP, Kashmir Jihadi groups ?? Are the Indians only threat we have??? Do you have any idea what the US is doing to Muslim countries in Middle East ??? Are you also going to De-nuclearalize Pakistan after "peace" with India, as you say you will reduce the defense budget?????

We pray to Allah that elections are cancelled and a patriotic caretaker setup is brought in place by the army for at least 3 years. It is obvious even to the blind that this Tsunami will drown and destroy Pakistan, just as earlier revenge of democracy has done.

We have no vested interest with you. We are not paid by any of your opponents or enemies to say this. Our loyalty is to Rasul Allah (sm) and we are bound by that sacred trust. You have a blind following and indeed they are blind.

May Allah protect Pakistan from wise enemies and stupid friends but this nation and its pygmy leaders are hell bent upon a collective suicide. We will make our stand, will live with dignity and inshAllah, when our time comes, we will die with honor and will never ever compromise with Hindu Zionists. Never!

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