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July 3rd, 2016

Every Pakistani patriot must watch this video, spread it and fight back the shameless propaganda of RAW backed rascals about the Durand line.. !

Every Pakistani patriot must watch this video, spread it and fight back the shameless propaganda of RAW backed rascals about the Durand line.. ! ANP and Mehmood Khan achakzai in Pakistan are the bull terriers of RAW and NDS to wage this propaganda war against Pakistan. Learn the history and facts and fight back..

InshAllah, every traitor will be hanged.. just wait.. now they are fully exposed and Pak army and patriots will NOT show any mercy...

My reply to Amir Liaqat on his taunt to Pak army that he is being discriminated because he is a "Muhajir" ..Rascal..

Normally I would never post something from Amir Liaqat but he is working for RAW's agenda here and spreading dangerous lies and must be responded.

Let me establish my credential first:

I am a son of the soil because I was born in Pak Sarzameen.. !

My Grand parents (both maternal and paternal) migrated towards Pakistan from Mushrik India. My parents were active workers of Pak movement & also migrated towards Medina e Sani... ! My father served as a ordinary foot soldier to Quaid e Azam in Tehreek e Pakistan. He then joined Pak army and then defended this Medina e Sani against Mushriks in 65 and 71 wars and countless smaller actions.

My family is Urdu speaking at home..!

I was born in Karachi...

I qualify all the definitions of what MQM calls a "Mohajir" BUT I am NOT a Mujahir. My grand parents and my parents are.. !

If my father has done Hajj, only he can be called a Haji. I cannot claim that title of a Haji, just because I am his son. This title is NOT inheritance. It is earned... !!

No one has the right to take the terms of sharia and twist them for political sinister games.

Now listen to his Khurafat... ! He says he is a Muhajir. Bloody liar. he is NOT.

He says if Zaid Hamid had worn army uniform, ISPR would not have any problem but since Amir Liaqat is Muhajir, ISPR have a problem. Again, his lies are exposed. from his definition, I am also a "Mohajir" as my parents migrated... ! He is bloody liar again... He is just spitting venom against Pak army trying to give impression that Pak army is anti-Muhajir.. a true snake he is..

Then on 27th Ramazan, on the day Pak was born, he sings Dil hai hindustani... ! He and his god, that fat toad in London, deserve to be Indian citizens not of Pak Sarzameen. Its time to send him back to mumbai slums..

Pakistan has tried every political model. Now we should try this Liberian Model.. !! Guaranteed to work InshAllah !

Few simple questions from this very naive qaum...

1. What is the role of Tableeghi Jamaat in defending Pakistan in this dangerous 5th Gen War which has killed 100,000 Muslims so far ? Jamaat is working from the last 90 years... ! have the Muslim Ummah and Pakistan become stronger due to their work or Ummah has been decimated while they worked ? Does the enemy, Mushriks and Khawarij take Tableeghi Jamaat as a threat ?

2. What is the role of Jamaat e Islami in defending Pakistan and Ummah from Khawarij and 5th Gen War ? what is the khidmat of JI in most dangerous times for Pakistan ?? JI is working for the last 90 years. What good have they brought to Pakistan and Ummah ?

3. What is the role of democracy and political parties in protecting and defending Pakistan from becoming Syria and Iraq ??? In these times of dangerous war, which political party has shown courage, political wisdom and timely action to support army and defend Pakistan against Khawarij, Mushriks, BLA and Urban war in Karachi ?

Remember this - If any person or group is NOT defending Pakistan in times of war and dangerous crisis, then remember he or that group are munafiqs and not mujahids.. stop considering them as someone who is doing khidmat of deen..

I know the followers of these Jamaats would start abusing me now but my duty is to give azaan to wake up a sleeping nation. None of them are serving the deen.... they are serving their own vested agendas.

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