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July 30th, 2015

Status of Zaid Sb in Saudia

Salam all volunteers.

I am Haris Zahoor, a close friend and mission brother of Zaid for the past 7 years and have seen thick and Thin.

I would like to update you officially on the Brasstacks status on the issue of his illegal detention.

Zaid was detained on false accusations of Emad Khalid who is backed by GEO TV and different mullah and government groups.

But Alhamdulillah, Allah has been kind and he has been kept in good health and place and NO harm has come to him. Not even a scratch !

Contrary to Media disinformation, no punishment or case has been registered. In fact Saudis have found nothing against him and is in the process of release. Needless to say, this has also been made possible with the help of forces and agencies Alhamdulillah and blessings of Allah (swt).

I must emphasise the following:
1) Backdoor diplomacy has been working in our favour and we assure you that forces and agencies are directly in contact with family and Zaid.

 This is the reason we have kept quiet till now.
ANY PROTEST or AGGRAVATION from our end can make the difference of releasing him within weeks or Decades !!!

Saudi processes are very very slow and takes months to execute. We MUST be patient till such time that we loose all hope with our Agencies or Army. This is NOT the case and Zaid is being looked after at the highest level I assure you.

Anybody who tells you otherwise is a LIAR and is working against BT Team !

Please understand that any such activity at this time can not only hurt ZAID's release but can get you ARRESTED and harm may come to you individually.

In his 8 years, Zaid has NEVER endorsed such actions and have emphasised to stay calm and change hearts.

Powers that can help are already working at the highest level and there is Nothing more that is required. No pressure is required BUT ONLY DUA CAN EXPEDITE.

Please, this is a request from BT team to stay away from such activity and God Forbid if required, we will be the first one to give a call for it.

Bahut Dua aur Khair
BT Team

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