Monday, 27 April 2015

April 27th, 2015

Mr. Imam e Kaaba, pl explain to us, we are confused...

So finally Mr. Imam e Kaaba calls TTP and ISIS as Khawarij ! That is good development but there is a serious moral crisis here.

1. All those who support Khawarij are the best friends of Imam e Kaaba.

2. All those who are enemies of Khawarij are enemies of Imam e Kaaba. (Bashar ul Asad, Houthis, Sufis, Shias, Zaidis, Barelvis, Ahl Sunnah wal Jamaat).

3. Imam Kaaba says we should attack Houthis who incidentally are fighting the Khawarij in Yemen. Saudi attacks on Houthis have strengthened the Khawarij in Yemen. Daish and Jews have also threatened Saudi arabia but we see no military campaign against jews or Daish.

So, what is going on Mr. Imam e Kaaba? Pl explain to us in simple terms???? We Pakistanis are confused... !!

Now you want us to join the war against Shias but not against Khawarij in Yemen ?? If you had called Pakistan to fight the Khawarij in Yemen, by Allah, we would have all gone to fight these dogs of hell. But why ignite a sectarian war when Khawarij and Jews are decimating the Ummah ?? pl explain??

Talal Bugti dies! Funny, all his life he fought against army but in the end, went to CMH begging army to save him.

Talal Bugti dies! Funny, all his life he fought against army but in the end, went to CMH begging army to save him.…/jwp-chief-nawabzada-talal-akbar-bugti…

Akbar Bugti and his sons & grand sons leading the BLA are the biggest traitors of Baloch people, enemies of Pakistan & Muslims. Rascals!!

The biggest enemies of Baloch today are the Hyberyar Marri & Brahmdagh Bugti, leading the BRA Vs BLA infighting & killing their own rascals. Today, the BLA insurgency can kill a few innocent laborers or blow up a gas line but their dream of separation is fully dead & buried !!

Talal dies a lonely humiliated death. Jamil, Brahmadh & hyberyar will also die like rats IA. Their dream is already dead ! Love you Pak Army. We will NOT show any mercy towards any enemy of Pakistan now. Our daggers are drawn, the war has entered the final phase. Its payback time!!

Col Ralph Peters, the CIA snake who had crafted the term of "blood borders" to reshape the Muslim lands on ethnic lines is defeated in Pak!


Two separate Travel agents confirm to me today that Umra visas have been stopped by Saudis for Pakistan. Can anyone explain the reason?

I have checked with two travel agents today. They say that Saudis has stopped Umra visas for Pakistanis. Can anyone else confirm this from their own sources please ? Is this Umra blockade due to any administrative issue or a punishment to Pakistan for not sending forces to Yemen ? If the Umra visas are being given in other countries, then this is definitely a punishment. Lets find the real reason. Those members of the page who are into travel agency business should be able to clarify further.

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