Sunday, 14 December 2014

December 14th, 2014

Our warning to Indians -- The real Afghans are those who have NEVER accepted foreign occupation

The fate of the Afghan armed forces is clear - they will face total defeat & ouster at the hands of Taliban soon.

India has just trained 44 Afghan army officers in a desperate bid to maintain its presence in Afghanistan. India CANNOT be in Afghanistan. Pakistan has now taken a policy decision to flush out all Indians & their assets from Afghanistan. We will deploy all forces to do it.

The mountains of Afghanistan have a name -- Hindu Kush, meaning Hindu killers!! Modi should keep this historical fact in mind always :-)
US forces would be present in their fortified bases only. They CANNOT control the country side. That belongs to Taliban who are anti-India. So, I invite Indians to come to Afghanistan & try to take a bigger role in Afghan security and economy. We are eager to hunt some Hindus :-)

In the last 1500 years, India has always been ruled by Muslims from Arabia or Afghanistan/Central Asia. NEVER a Hindu has ruled Kabul!! The only time, in the last 1500 years, whenever Hindus have made it to Afghanistan, they were in chains as prisoners of war and slaves! Afghanistan is a Muslim country & Pakistan shares its faith, history & culture with our brothers there. NO Indian Hindus will be allowed! I have made a policy statement. Now it is up to the idiots in Delhi to listen to it or try an adventure in Afghanistan. We will NOT show any mercy!

The real Afghans are those who have NEVER accepted foreign occupation -- Afghan Mujahideen, Taliban, Haqani, Hekmatyar.. Rest only blots..NO afghan born to his own father can accept foreign Kafir forces occupying his land. Any Afghan who accepts Kafir forces is NOT an Afghan!

In 80s I was part of these brave Mujahideen when we were fighting the Soviets. We did not liberate Afghanistan to give it under US control. Mullah Omer & Haqqani remained true to their oath -- picked up arms against another Kafir foreign occupation. India would be a fair enemy too.

When Afghanistan was being butchered by Soviets, India was supporting the Soviets & Communist regimes in Kabul. How can any Afghan forget?? So when I see some Afghans barking against Pakistan & but happy at the Kafir US & Hindu occupation of their country, I know they are idiots.

The real Afghans are brave free men and are with Pakistan. We will give power to the real Afghans NOT to the slaves of US/Hindus. Promise!

Afghan Muslims, Mujahideen & people are our brothers & sisters & we have a common faith, destiny and future. NO Hindu can change that IA!!!

I would strongly support abolishing of visas between Pakistan & Afghanistan & allowing Afghans to live, trade, educate with dignity in Pakistan. I know some Afghans still raise the issue of Durand line :-) I invite them to abolish the Durand line altogether & make a confederation :-)

4 million Afghans are already living in Pak for the last 35 years. Lets give them respect, legal status, nationality & absorb them as family.
There were Never borders between Muslims lands. We can start to abolish borders between Pakistan & Afghanistan & then later to other nations. Out of the total Pashtun population in the world, 70% lives in Pakistan, 30% in Afg. They are our own people, same tribes, same families..Pakistan's Chitral region borders with Afghan province of Badakhshan, where Farsi speaking Tajiks live. They are our own people too.

Pakistan has NO intention of occupying Afghanistan. you do not occupy your brothers home. You respect him, protect him, help him in need. NO Afghan born a legitimate birth can challenge my credentials as a brother & friend of Afghanistan. I have spent my life protecting Afghans.

Pakistan will have to bring Pashtuns & Tajiks closer to end their mutual war. It was this Afghan civil war which invited US occupation.
One warning to any Afghan snake who still want to play as a proxy to Indians - we will fully support Mullah Omer to crush you. Wake up NOW!

One warning to the Americans also -- your fate in Afghanistan is in our hands now. We have suffered & bled because of your crimes. Dont crib.

Americans are in NO condition to negotiate with Pakistan now. I don't care what our leadership tell them, Americans should now beg us for mercy..

It took us 10 years to defeat Soviets in Afghnistan. Afghan Taliban took slightly longer, 14 years to defeat US/NATO! Mopping up job left now IA :-)

Even the present Kabul govt realize that they have NO future without protection & guarantees of Pakistan. Correct! Their future is in Islamabad.


What a Kameena dushman we have ! seriously, such haramkhaor kameena !

What a Kameena dushman we have ! seriously, such haramkhaor kameena ! No language has created words which describes a cow piss drinking Mushrik ! filthy animals... Now they are crying like wild boars...

Well played Pak team. We love you for what you have achieved -- humiliate India in India..:-) InshAllah, only if we great leadership, we will rule the world !!

Indians are celebrating German win as if India has won:) Indians, you have lost. We crushed you yesterday. remember?? Today was just a game :-) well played Pak team. We love you for what you have achieved -- humiliate India in India.. :-)

Our green shirts in Cricket are doing great as well.

And in the morning, our Pakistani hearted Amir Khan also flattened the american boxer !

InshAllah, only if we great leadership, we will rule the world !!

World Hockey Federation have released the medals for the Champions trophy ! The final list of honors is here..

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