Thursday, 18 September 2014

September 18th, 2014

What is the practical work for a real change or Inqilab? It is defining, refining & infusing the ideology in the cadre for final push!

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Iqbal died in 1938, when Pakistan resolution was not even passed, which was done in 1940. Does that mean Iqbal did not do anything for Pakistan?? Understand the wisdom! NO movement, inqilab, change can come without a thorough in depth pure profound ideology. Ideologues create Inqilabs. The time an ideologue, visionary thinker spends creating the ideology of freedom & dignity is NOT wasted. It is a critical prerequisite!

Quaid e Azam fully respected & accepted the fact that Allama Iqbal is the ideologue & visionary of Pakistan movement. Undeniable Fact!
What is the practical work for a real change or Inqilab? It is defining, refining & infusing the ideology in the cadre for final push! Today's Pakistan's young generation has been destroyed by the private schools where they go to study - NO Urdu, NO Iqbal, NO vision! Beacon house, City, Froebels, Roots, Headstart, Educators - These private schools have destroyed Pakistan's entire future generations!!! The breed of our children being produced by these highly westernized schools is neither Muslims nor Pakistanis nor visionary characters!!
If IK wants to start Iqbal in schools, he should start from the schools owned by the lady who stands behind him! The Qasuri family! If a person cannot read or write his own language, do not know his own history & religion, then he rally cannot be called educated!! This is what our Inqilabis should understand ! Without their ideology, religion, history & tarbiat, there is NO inqilab but upheaval only! Urdu is being systematically destroyed in all schools, media & govt. Without Urdu, we are finished as a Muslim civilization. Know this game! Civilizations are NOT made on economic growth or politics. They rise or are destroyed because of ideology, languages, social sciences.

Ever noticed why Mustapha Kamal attacked the Turkish language first? 1300 years of Muslim history in old Turkish lost to new generation! Today, same is being done with Urdu. It is being forgotten, not taught in schools, not developed, written in Roman script & hated by youth. Understand this - English was imposed as a colonial weapon of dominance & control, as a sign of imposing civilization over natives. Learning English or any other language is NOT an issue. The issue of crisis is forgetting & hating your own language, literature, history! The issue of humiliation &shame is when all govt correspondence is done in English, when oaths are taken in parliament in English! Slaves!

I will consider ourselves as free & dignified nation when we will talk to Americans in Urdu, when ruling class will read Iqbal in Urdu!!

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