Thursday, 22 May 2014

May 22nd, 2014

A weapon worth dying for or rather worth killing Modi for :))

From the heated battles against Geo in media and in courts to the battles on ground by the Pak army and PAF against Khawarij, the entire Pakistan is now focussed on these epic struggles for heart and soul of Pakistan. But amongst all this chaos and crisis, I found this very interesting news and thought to lighten up your moods with this very interesting clip -- Pakistan made guns are getting popular in US !!  :-)
 MashAllah, this is a solid testimony of the quality of defence productions in our beloved Pak sarzameen. From this MP5 "pistol":-) to JF 17 thunders Al-Khalid battle tanks to Ghauri nuclear missiles, alhamdolilah, Pak sarzameen is the pride of the Ummah!
 In Pakistan, we call this weapon MP5 submachine gun firing 9mm rounds. For the export model, the long Butt has been removed, it has been made semi-auto to make it a "pistol"  . As you can see, Butt can be added externally and with little modificaiton to the selector switch, this 'semi auto pistol" can be made an automatic machine gun, as we use in Pak army here  :-)
 enjoy this great intro to this very good weapon from POF :-)  A weapon worth dying for or rather worth killing Modi for :))

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