Wednesday, 19 February 2014

February 19th, 2014

Alhamdolillah, gifts sent to our sons on the front line against Khawarij !

Alhamdolillah, on behalf of all BrassTacks team and volunteers of Mission Takmeel e Pakistan, we sent warm thermals, warms woolen caps and combat winter gloves for an entire company of Pak army troops fighting on the front line against Khawarij !

Barak Allah to all of you who contributed in this symbolic but intense gesture of love, respect, appreciation and gratitude for our sons and brothers in uniform who are freezing in the mountains of North West Pakistan, defending the Pak Sarzameen and Sabz Hilali parcham against fitnahs of Khawarij.

InshAllah, we shll be regularly sending these gifts to our sons.

Once again, Jazak Allah to all of you who participated in this battle of Ghazwa e Hind !!


This is your moment to join the battle against Khawarij! Supplying equipment, resources and weapons to Pak Army Mujahideen 

FB deleted the last post on how to send gifts to army.

Now I am posting it again. This was the broadcast we had made few weeks ago. All details are here. Pl read carefully and follow instructions.


This is your moment to join the battle against Khawarij! Supplying equipment, resources and weapons to Pak Army Mujahideen carries equal ajar as if you are fighting yourself against the enemies. Lets support our troops who are already fighting or about to join the battle in freezing cold. They are fighting for all of us and it is our duty to respect them, provide for them and contribute to the cause of purifying Pak Sarzameen from these “dogs of hell”!

Team BrassTacks and our volunteers have decided to join the physical battle as well and offer you the same. Our troops are doing the fighting. We will back them up with love, dua and winter clothing.

We have given the contact details and prices on these items.

Anyone who wants to contribute can contact the suppliers directly, who can then send these equipment to us and we can send them to forward areas to fighting units. Else, you can buy these equipment and send them yourself to your own contacts. Your choice. when you place order, keep us informed via email so that we remain in the loop and take deliveries.

May Allah give victory to our Pak army Mujahideen and crush the fitnah of Khawarij ! These are final battles for our beloved Pak Sarzaeen. By Allah, we stand with our troops in uniform under the Sabz Hilali parcham !! Labbaik Ghazwa e Hind !!

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